As we all know that sleeping is the best way to relax and recharge our body. On average, people generally spend 1/3 of our lifetime on sleeping. Of course, a “deep sleep” is the main factor contributing to good health. However, a quality of sleeping is affected by many factors, including the cleanliness of the mattress itself. A lot of researches prove that there are billions of dust mites in a mattress and couch. Feces of dust mites is known as a leading cause of allergy. Without cleaning the mattress, we unintentionally breathe in dust mites and germs which live in the mattress. Additionally, all of our staff members are well-trained to assure that they have good manner and service-mind. We confidentially claim that quality and customers’ satisfaction are our priorities

BuzzyB is a no.1 expert on mattress and sofa cleaning service in Canada. All machines, equipment and agents used are certified by national and international allergy organizations. Our cleaning procedure is certified by the National Dust Mite Research Center that can remove all allergens, germs and dust mites by 100%. You can visually compare the result by your naked eyes. In addition, our staff members are well-trained on professional service and good manners. We confidentially claim that our service quality and customers’ satisfaction are our priorities, so we will always maintain and continuously improve them.

“Let Buzzy B Services protect you and your love ones”